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Hi FishInTheSky... I love this dress. But my back and shoulders have some scars, that I don't want to show. I wonder if you can make this dress with a back higher and some sleeves like in this dress: http://www.FishInTheSky.com/product/Empire-V-Neck-Light-Blue-Discount-Prom-Dresses-201000.html or you have something to recommend me? Thank you very much ^^

Hello, Can you please tell me when the dress will arrive? Also I have measured 53.5 inch from shoulder to floor( without heels) but I have written in the note that I want the dress to be 12 cm longer. Do you have this information, if the dress was made accordingly to the note? Thank youhttp://www.FishInTheSky.com/product/Long-Blue-Evening-Dresses-234993.html

I was wondering if it would be possible to make it so this dress does not have a train dragging along the ground. Having it flow out gently like it does at the front, and just touching the ground like it does at the front would be really nice, as we do plenty of formal dancing which means moving backwards, and I wouldn't want to step on the dress. I would also like it to be made in satin, not elastic woven satin if that is okay, because i like the blue of the satin better, rather than the elastic woven satin blue. Can you please let me know if this is not feasible because otherwise I would prefer to look at other options. I tried sending you this message but have had no response

Hi! I ordered this dress yesterday in the color dark royal blue, but i´ve changed my mind and now i want it in 'the same color as the picture'. I wonder if you can change this for me? Please i really want the color on the pic instead, I love it!!! Your dresses are all very beautiful =) Thank you!

Hi! there were no place to describe the beading when i ordered the dresses. It is very important that the beading is crystal diamonds if you have that and /or something with silver. The dresses are lavender and the theme of the wedding is silver and diamonds so that is very important that the beading is correct. The beading can not be blue. I have sent you the same message minutes after te order, Thank you:) Melina

I ordered 'Long Empire V-neck Floor-length Chiffon Dark Royal Blue Evening Dresses' in my sizes and the color that I wanted. But I wonder WHY I didn't get 45% off the dress???? Can I cancel the order and wait til you have 45% on it or how can I do? thank you

I already sent the measurements of the shawl by e-mail about a week and a half ago. I also sent a picture of the shawl. I would like the shawl to be ice blue and of the same material of the dress. (taffeta) length of my shawl = 68 inches width of my shawl = 26 inches you have the picture of the shawl on the e-mail I am going to resend now, thanks. what about the samples of taffetta ivory and champagne. Could you please send these samples with the dress and the shawl? thanks Kathleen

Hello, I ordered Long Empire V-neck Floor-length Chiffon Dark Royal Blue Evening Dresses yesterday and im wondereing if you can make the bust side more close or a bit higher, i want the back side to be as close and as high as the front side. Do i need to send you an other email regarding this or what?? Regards

Hi! Was just wondering how come you cancelled my order #23790-Strapless Asymmetrical Skirt in Rouched Bodice Classic Prom-Dark Navy Blue? ...I just sent you a message that i will wait for my dress until next week April 8...May i just confirm the status of my order which was paid also...Thanks

1- I want to make an order of this dress, and in the picture it looks like having 2 colors in it pink and blue... In the color selector if I picked up red, how it is going to look like?? I want it the satin to be in red and the organza to be in white.. is this possible?? 2- I want to ask if it is possible to have a long sleeves wrap made from the same fabric and how much extra money this might cost me???

We found 17291 Styles of Burlington Coat Factory Blue Dress
We found 17291 Styles of Burlington Coat Factory Blue Dress


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